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  • Linux: 20204508
  • Windows: 20200408
  • Solaris: no longer supported;
    contact us if you need to run our KDC under Solaris


PacketCable™ and CableHome™ security is based on the single-sign-on Kerberos Protocol, which allows a client to access multiple services with only a single authenticated log-in.


IPfonix, Inc. produces Key Distribution Center (KDC) and related products for use in PacketCable™ and CableHome™ networks.

IPfonix, Inc. also provides consulting services, specializing in issues related to DOCSIS and PacketCable systems. Please contact us for more information.

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News 2020-04-22

A new version of the Key Distribution Center for Linux and Windows has been released. The CHANGES.txt file documents changes from the prior version.

IPfonix, Inc. KDCs:

Support PacketCable 2.0

Run on inexpensive off-the-shelf PC-class hardware

Support millions of client devices off a single KDC

Support IPv6 networks

Implement a “pseudo-provisioning server” to allow MTAs to be deployed without a true PacketCable Provisioning Server present in the operator network

Implement PKCROSS for multi-realm deployments and secure inter-MSO VoIP calls

Fully support Dynamic Service Keying -- allows MSOs to add new devices to the core network securely and fully automatically

Are highly configurable to an MSO's specific needs

Closely track PacketCable, Euro-PacketCable, IPCablecom and CableHome specifications

Are designed from the ground up to be robust against attack

Include support for secure deployment of PacketCable Multimedia devices

Support the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP, RFC 2560) for real-time checking of revocation status

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PacketCable KDC

PacketCable/CableHome KDC



Third party libraries

Price List for MSO Deployments

Our principal product is a Key Distribution Center for:
We also have a product, CertBuilder, designed to help to create and check digital certificates for PacketCable and CableHome networks.

Our PacketCable KDCs include support for dynamic service keys. Since this functionality is yet to be included in the PacketCable security specification, here is an extract from our User Guide that describes how PacketCable-compliant servers can obtain dynamic service keys from an IPfonix, Inc. KDC.

The KDC throughput necessary to support a large PacketCable deployment (of a million or more MTAs) is often miscalculated. Here is a paper that describes what KDC throughput is actually necessary in deployed PacketCable networks, and here is a Web page showing the actual CPU load of an IPfonix, Inc. KDC while running on networks containing more than a million MTAs.

The KDC is almost certainly the least expensive MSO device -- in both software and hardware cost -- in a deployed PacketCable or CableHome network. We wish to take this opportunity to applaud publicly the PacketCable security team for designing a security architecture that permits MSOs to deploy highly-secure systems that allow single sign-on to multiple services at miniscule per-subscriber incremental cost.

We offer our congratulations to our many customers who have achieved certification or qualification with PacketCable or EuroPacketCable products in certification waves conducted by CableLabs or Excentis.

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