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KDC Multisite Deployment License MSO Price List

Operators have the option of choosing a Multisite Deployment License for their deployments. Typically, this license is used whan an operator is experiencing rapid, unpredictable growth in several markets simultaneously. Using a single license to cover all KDCs allows the operator to be sure that he will not inadvertently reach the maximum subscriber limit of the license.

This price list applies to MSO who wish to deploy an IPfonix, Inc. KDC on a network with subscribers who will be paying for the service provided by the KDC, for which the KDC is licensed aunder a Multisite Deployment License. Most KDCs are deployed under the standard MSO deployment license.

Maximum Number of Clients
Less than 100,000 $0.60 per client; minimum of $6,000
100,000 to 250,000 $60,000 + $0.40 per client over 100,000
More than 250,000 $120,000 + $0.375 per client over 250,000

Ongoing maintenance/support is 15% of these rates per calendar year, except that for licenses supporting more than 1,000,000 clients, the rate is 5.625¢ per supported client per calendar year..

So, for example, an MSO operating under the Multisite Deployment License and wishing to deploy KDCs supporting a total of 150,000 MTAs will have an initial price of $80,000 and an annual maintenance fee of $12,000.

The price for license upgrades to support an increased number of subscribers is calculated as follows:
(price from table for new number of subscribers - price from table for current number of subscribers) * 1.1

So, for example the price to increase from 150,000 subscribers to 200,000 subscribers is:
($100,000 - $80,000) * 1.1 = $22,000

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